Extension request: Greasemonkey


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Is this one available only for Firefox?

Extension Request: Tampermonkey

I really want this addon. I’m not smart enough to know how to run js without it. :+1: Or is it possible to run a userscript without an addon like *monkey, etc?


I want also this addon.

And I don’t understand why it took so long to implement?

I hope this would be soon solved.


I will add my vote in here. I also want some kind of userscript running capability so I can run anti-adblock killer and other scripts to prevent webpages from altering my browsing experience. This is the one thing preventing me from swapping to Brave full-time: Some webpages run anti-adblock and make it impossible to use them in Brave without submitting to invasive (and often infected) ads. For user safety, please include some kind of user script interface.


I definitely want this as well. Although I would prefer the version of Greasemonkey before Firefox 57.0 … since it was much easier to use.