Extension Request: eBates


Hi guys, totally useful extension here. I loved it for Chrome, would love it more for Brave now that I’ve ditched the evil empire.



I would love this extension as well as I use it frequently. It has 30940 downloads on Google Chrome and is rated 5 stars. The button automatically shows coupons for websites you are shopping for and cash back offer. This would greatly enhance Brave.


I do most of my online shopping on Amazon, but sometimes they do not have what I am looking for or it is a better deal to buy it from the product site directly. Trying to use Brave for as much as I can, but shopping I’m still using Chrome. Please add Ebates plug-in.


even i love it. please can we have ebates extension


I too would like this. Going through ebates.com is too forgettable!


I just started using Brave, and so far am also impressed. This and wikibuy are the extensions I’d like to see added. I will continue to use chrome for shopping to use these.


Agreed on Ebates and WikiBuy! I use those two and Honey. Such easy no brainer ways to save $.


I use Ebates a lot and would also love to see this extension added


I’ve saved over $250 using Ebates the past 2 years, so I too would definitely LOVE to have my Ebates button in Brave! If I’m going to commit, then I would like to uninstall the other browsers. But when shopping other sites than amazon, I use Ebates! Gotta have it!!