Extension Request: crxMouse Chrome™ Gestures

crxMouse Chrome™ Gestures

This Extension is so easy to use and usefulllll!!!
Other mouse gestures don’t have smooth movement and are hard to set new gesture.
But, this Mouse Gesture have smooth and soft movement and easy to set new gesture too.

So it will be good to add this extension.

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Push :slight_smile:
Yes, I have seen a lot of requests to get a mouse gesture extension, but I haven’t seen any reply on the requests.
Mostly I’m using on PC’s Opera with ublock, HTTPS everywhere, Privacy Badger, and Anti Fingerprint.
The only (for me) missing extension is a mouse gesture. It makes life easy. If Brave would have a mouse gesture extension, I would permanently use Brave on my PC’s
For Android/IOS Devices my default Browser is Brave.

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