Extension Request: Container tab Firefox

Firefox: Container tabs

I would like to request the container tabs from the Firefox browser.
Recently they added a special container for Facebook (Facebook container)

This extension makes sure tabs from a specific container, can’t interfere with another container.

Ex.: Because Facebook has it’s own container, it can’t keep track of your data when you are visiting another webpage. All cookies & trackers of Facebook are blocked when you aren’t on the Facebook website.

I would like to request this, because Brave is a Privacy based browser. And preventing from other sites like Facebook to track you, is a part of securing the user his privacy.

Multi-account containers
Facebook Container

p.s.: My apologies for the bad written English.


Hi @NickV,

I believe Brave already done it by default. And not only on Facebook but Brave also block FB trackers on other site. Also tweets from Brendan Eich https://twitter.com/BrendanEich/status/978718453019287552 and https://twitter.com/BrendanEich/status/979114126168399872

Although, if you want a separate container for Facebook, you can use a session tab.

It similar to Fx container IMO. To create new session tab:

  • right click + button at tabs bar > New session tab > choose the session that you want for your FB activity, or
  • hamburger menu > New session tab > choose the session.


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