Extension Request: BuiltWith



I am requesting the addition of an extension for BuiltWith Technology Profiler (here is their website).

I use this on a regular if not daily basis to see what technologies a website uses.

Combined with curl, dig, and my eyeballs (looking at the page source), it is a really useful method for evaluating website stacks for competitive and inspirational purposes.

The list of the requested extensions

I added the request to the list on The list of the requested extensions. Thanks!


This has to be one of my most used extensions in Chrome, would love to see this here. As a web developer and technical support engineer, it is great to be able to see the technology a website is built with. This is useful for seeing what webserver a site is served using, what version of PHP they use, if they use a CMS system. It provides quick and easy access to a lot of useful information.