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I’m wondering if it’s possible in near future to have an extension repository where extension developers can submit their extensions for review and pass or meet a specific criteria before the extensions go into the repository?

Like no “call home” to google code, malware, etc in their extensions is the main criteria to meet, and once met, they’re allowed into repository for users to be able to pick and choose whatever extensions they want to install.

Of course don’t allow extensions that are NOT in the repository to be used, but only ones in the repository after developers check their code etc. Then at least users could start using some of their favorite extensions a while. If we wait on certain extensions we love and need to be approved and implemented, we could be dead or dying of old age many many years from now. Lol!

I’d love to switch to Brave but lacking ability to have extensions I need to make life easier when browsing sucks. Guess it’s like the expression “Can’t have the cake and eat it too”. Epic browser is big on security and privacy and they don’t allow extensions either.

SRWare Iron browser is some-what big on privacy/security and allows extensions, but heard there’s some iffy code in their browser though too. Sucks, would be nice to have an awesome browser built for privacy/security, with the ability to have extensions to make a nice experience for users.

I love Brave, it’s the best privacy/security browser on market today. :slight_smile: I’m willing to bet that if Brave allowed extensions developers to submit their (clean) extensions into the Brave Extension Repository, that Brave would have a strong following and more push behind it. I think extension devs would LOVE to be behind this project and all want their privacy/security like anyone else.

Would be awesome too if Brave made option within it’s browser to then allow users to give Brave Extension Developers donations, using the same features/currency tools in Brave currently. I know if I was extension developer and had extensions at Mozilla and Chrome Store, that I would stop updating them and only focus my time on Brave extensions. I guess it’s the loyalty, trust, and strong belief in the Brave browser itself.

Built-in screenshot tool
Built-in screenshot tool

Funny thing is this is how I started of in the community by essentially badgering the team to come up with built-in versions of some extensions as well as maintain the extension repository lite, if you know what I mean and a micro-payments aspect to certain projects which deserve it to effectively keep valued extensions constantly maintained, enhanced and improved upon via user feedback.
In VPN / Proxy Extensions better integrated in Brave topic it was sort of understood that that’s practically what they were contemplating but with thorough investigation of each request. Which seems and must and will probably be a daunting task.

I may be incorrect because I got this stat form Quora but in 2010 Mozilla had around 350 employees and towards the end of 2011 had around 550 and in WIki it displays of 1000+ employees but it’s difficult to tell how many of those are strictly related to the browser side of things not to forget how many external contributors to the browser there are.

My point essentially being It’s just discomforting to realize with a current team consisting of around 20 why so many cryptographers and experienced developers of the like don’t want to work for Brave right now, when right now is best time. I wanted to understand why this was and figured I’d get a reply from those types of devs (non-Brave devs) but my topic Getting Mozillians and Chromians on Board was closed. That being said, it’s truly amazing to see how far they’ve gotten in less than 2 years or 20 months if I’m not mistaken.

I hope Brave can actually better what Opera has done, I mean it currently looks like there’s a firesale with Opera products which is such a pity because funnily enough I for the first time tested the Opera browser and strangely enough I thought it was fantastic, the start-up of it, general speed of it, the agility of it. Makes you wonder why some of their team left to start Vivaldi.

It’s funny a number of individuals are starting to express the same sentiments, I for one being one of them, primarily just to apprehend how it was going to work, here’s a couple of related topics:

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