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---------------------------------------------------------------------------HI All. Question: if I add the Google Translate Chrome extension to Brave - Mac desktop-- can Google track and harvest my info?

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Thanks so much. I’ll give it a try.

Take care.

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I did a bit of testing a little while ago and content for the translation API was sent directly to Google, making the user perfectly traceable.

Maybe I won’t give it try. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Be safe.

@emi Thanks for #brave-translate-go flag reference. I actually didn’t know Brave was working on this. Last I heard it wasn’t going to happen! Nice.

I enabled in brave://flags. Can you tell me if I also have to enable the following at brave://settings/languages? I thought this was for the google translate service, but does it apply to translate-go feature?


I enabled and button does show on the address bar. That works. I like using address bar buttons. Really convenient. Thanks for additional information too!

I don’t use extensions so that isn’t a problem. lol Thanks again. Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

I did. Query was ignored.

Hi All. Thanks of your thoughts. Being technologically challenged as I am, I’m a little confused. It seems the Brave Translation extension is form the Chrome store and can still track me. At least that what the dialog box says before I hit download. Which I didn’t. Any simplified clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Do you mean you opened a GitHub issue report? Can you provide a link? Or was this a topic you created here? I think this is definitely something that would need an official response or an investigation. Maybe I am misunderstanding…

Am I understanding correctly? You tested brave-translate-go and translation requests were being sent directly to Google translation services without anonymizing requests? Or am I getting lost in the ozone since my understanding of this process is minimal at best? :sweat_smile:

Please clarify. Maybe I want to turn this feature off after all…

That sounds great to me! I’m technologically challenged too. :grin:

My two cents… per this:

Brave added the feature natively, as a feature within the browser itself, and it is not an extension you would get from the play store. As far as I know, Brave would manage and maintain this feature and not some third party.

I am sure (and hope they will come lol) other community members (like @Emi) can explain much more accurately and with more depth! :smiley:

Let me try this. I’m on a Mac. I was looking for a translation extension that true to Brave, wouldn’t track me. Does that exist? If it does, is it easy enough for a techno dufus like me to use. All thoughts welcome. Many thanks.

@Emi Thanks for creating issue report. And your submittal actually clarified the concerns. I was getting it wrong (of course). Documentation updated too! That was fast.

Relieves my mind anyway. Keeping the flags enabled. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Emi Thanks for the information. My technologically challenged self is such that I have no idea what you mean regarding those “flags” you mentioned or how to do it. Thank you.

If you go to brave://flags/ in Brave you can enable/disable experimental features.

Thank you all. I’ll take a good look at all of this. Every body be safe. Thanks again.

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