Extension of paid ads service to zambia


I would first of all like to mention that I have been using Brave browser for almost a year now, I am a content creator and I benefited from your reward program during the early days of launch. I would like to say that to date my total income from brave affiliate program has amounted to about $50 and I appreciate this.

However, it has dawned on me especially since the allocation of countries to tiers that the distribution of your rewards services is a bit short of fair. Here in Zambia, we never receive the usual paid ads and with the recent ads that appear on the background of the start screen we view them but still do not receive any payment. in addition, you have stopped sending us token grants even after a new individual downloads the browser as you used to before. WHAT IS THE IMPLICATION OF THIS? As a result of this, it has become very difficult for content creators in Zambia to market and advertise for brave browser. The response is now usually “it’s simply just another browser”.

Prior to this, people here loved the idea of getting paid to view ads. Especially the thousands of University students with smart phones and other smart gadgets. Because of my passion for digital assets and the idea behind them, I saw brave as a beautiful way to ease the people of Zambia into adopting

cryptocurrencies because of the positive influence brave would have on them.

I know of people who have been on this service for a shorter while than I but have earned thousands of dollars by virtue of being born in a privileged nation hence my complaint. At least three have laughed at my case saying it is almost unthinkable that I have been around for almost a year and my earnings amount to about $50 give or take.

For these reasons I would like to humbly request that you consider one or more of the following:

  1. To give brave users in Zambia token grants more frequently since they do not get incentives for viewing ads

  2. To extend the paid ad viewing service to Zambians

  3. To increase the amount paid for a confirmed refferal from $1 to at least $3

I will greatly appreciate your positive response to my case and I assure you, the people of Zambia will thank you.

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