Extension icon is not shown



I am developing a Webextension and it works fine in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Vivaldi. In Brave my extension does not create/show the button/icon right next to the url bar. Please help me with this issue.


Hi, I there needs to be some browser level code for that if I am right :wink:
have you checked out this guide? :wink:

A bit down it says how to register the extension for the browser to use it :slight_smile:
I think that is where you need to look the most in your case :slight_smile:

Also remember that you need to build brave from source to do this :wink:


Brave, if I recall correctly, requires both a 19px and a 38px icon in order to display browserAction icons. If you have both of these, the explanation may be in your manifest.json itself. Can you share the contents of that file?

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