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Please, add folder, where I can put extensions and Brave will it load automatically.
As far as I know, now is here just funny way to do it. Enable/Disable - replace …

The hub for extensions will be fine as well.

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Java program for easily swapping Brave extensions for Installed Google Chrome Extensions

Interesting idea but unfortunately due to Brave’s mission statement, the team reviews each extension before adding it to the browser. If you’re willing to put in more requests, theres a section where people put a list of each extension they want vetted and then added. If it doesn’t get added in the end they will give you a reason I’m sure.

If you need to get an extension immediately the current browser can be compiled with it after putting it into a folder. Other than doing it manually I don’t believe there’s an easier way. Would you be interested in a small program that requires you downloading the source but then uses a folder to compile it? You’d still have to install it afterward and there may be compatibility issues between Brave and the extension.



I don’t see any complications.
Actually now you can make it, but it replace some extension in list.
What I am asking is only folder for extensions and list it in brave browser.

Put any extension in this forum is really nonsense.

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I’ve created a program that allows you to move your chrome extensions to Brave without having to mess with any folders. Try it out and let me know if there are any issues! Java program for easily swapping Brave extensions for Installed Google Chrome Extensions



@maxim I apologize, I just realized what you had meant. I understand it’s unfortunate we can’t install any extension but it’s due to the fact that many of these extensions are culprits in the system Brave and BAT is meant to stop. By having to request them in this forum the team can make sure that none are unsafe and can ensure proper integration with Brave as it is a different browser.

For now my program can allow us to replace apps as they come in if we don’t want them with ones we prefer. But by doing this, you may come across issues and reporting them now is the goal of this forum so end users get a more polished experience.

I’m sure once Brave goes full scale we’l see an unsafe extension folder but how that will prevent the issue from coming back is a problem. Maybe something incognito but with unsafe extensions…


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