Extended duration of undo tab feature is annoying

Ever since I upgraded my phone to One UI 6.0 on my Galaxy S23 Ultra, the tab undo feature does not immediately disappear after closing a tab as it used to. I have to close the browser and reopen it for it to not be there or open another tab, which results in a never-ending issue. Please fix this so that it does not appear for such a long duration and seemingly never goes away.
Decided to time it and it takes 30 seconds to disappear instead of the much shorter time it was before. 30 seconds is far too long of duration to keep the undo for closing a tab visible.

Brave 1.60.118, Chromium 119.0.6045.163

I’ve tried clearing the cache, force-stop, and restarting the phone. My last resort would be to clear data and then uninstall, but that will be if there’s no update anytime soon.

No matter what it is that I do, the undo tab feature will be visible for a longer period than it used to. Thus waiting out the 30 seconds it seems to be on my screen now, closing the browser, or opening another tab (to only ignore the new tab) temporarily fixes the issue but isn’t the solution.

If 30 seconds is the default for this, then I would hope there could be an option in settings to set the time limit. Wasn’t it merely five or ten seconds before? (sigh)

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Brave, for the love of God Almighty, please - as a joint collective action across your organization, re-calibrate yourselves with an internal, well-thought-out decision-making process approach - because as this other person has stated very elegantly, this sort of garbage has a non-neglible impact on users. yo dawg I herd Chrome is driving itself into the ground and we have an amaaaazin opportunitii, but wait wait wait up first let’s focus on subtle changes that’ll keep people using our perfectly usable UI even longer! Frustrated users? Never met em.

Garbage wasting time = frustration, increased mental load, lost userbase, pointless pondering, stultification, broken phones (prolly somewhere… world’s big, Xzibit), unintentionally fabricated metrics, idk man: just lame stuff entirely.

likely the time it took us both to come here and post about THIS ridiculous situation will be fully without a positive outcome. His can I waste additional time here… Hmmm… :thinking:

Brave, if you continue with this amazing feature, and add in addition many more on top of the many existing poor choices… I’d like to suggest that you commit to also introducing more items to your android context menu so you can be like Edge. Oh and be sure! very sure! to never get any ideas about improving UX (or your QA… i.e., prevention of this use of our time here tonight)… Moreover, the focus and commitment to maximize
the number of taos and cumulative distance hotdogs must travel over time to do what they use our app for… Its been seller - improve it more. (I meant fingers, not hotdogs, sorry!). Common actions simplified are the devil, as Gramma always reminded us.

What I’m rambling on about here would best be conveyed by a verbally portrayed example, mentally visualized:

“Hay team. When opening a hyperlink as a background tab, Billary thinks it could be helpful to also offer a fast way he can switch to it… Weird, huh? I think we should instead just keep popup notice for his clearly intentional action open even longer! Lets make the page-obstructing pop-up wait for 30secs minimum. So yea, I already know that he wants to switch to that tab because he isn’t sure if he opened it, for sure… Hmmm.”

“Yeah. I’d bet his trouble is that he doesn’t know he just opened another tab somewhere.”

“Well, Jimmery, I think a better idea is to label that action as ‘Open in New Tab’ would fix that problem. Maybe we can let the user rapidly click the popup and jump over to it? … Hmmm well nevermind… I do actually think you’re right. Let’s go with 45 seconds though.”

closes feature request as “Not Relevant” and locks discussion


You’re not ******, I am!

I agree this is incredibly annoying. Many websites have options that are at the bottom (realtor.com website for example) that float there. But they are hidden by this banner. My browser or task at hand basially has to wait for 30 seconds for this to go away. Or I simply press undo to get the banner to go away, then closet the tab later when I’m done. It’s asinine.

Please revert this to 5 seconds. That’s plenty of time to react to it, and if someone misses it, they can go through history and reopen it.

Otherwise I love this app and have loved it for quite a while. Please change this undo tab banner so this excellent browser is still usable.

Thank you

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Completely agree!
Only Brave knows why this has been set to 30 seconds, and is not manually removable.
PLEASE BRAVE TEAM - revert back to the 5 seconds!!!
Or find a different user friendly solution!!!

Is there a solution for this yet??

I just bought a new phone recently and am trying to stay digatally safe and brave is great for that, better than other stuff out there in my personal opinion. But there are some things that are inconvenient, no major issues so far but some things are annoying in general.

My old phone was either hacked or had a virus/malware or something, my new phone is better overall (specs and saftey wise) but i want to keep it that way.

Thanks in advance for the solution whenever it happens.

**Edit if you create a new tab after deleting one the undo thing goes away. But you have to keep the new tab open if you close it then “rinse and repeat”

Come on, this has been going on since November?

OP was using Brave 1.60.118, and Brave 1.62.152 still clutters up the screen for as long as a Liberty Biberty commercial. How much do y’all hate your users?

Still no change! I am sad.

The issue seems to be related to accessibility settings. in my case the app Automate was using accessibility settings, I turned it off and the issue is gone, just search in settings accessibility and remove access from all apps, if the issue is resolved try turning them back on and see if the issue comes back. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

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