Extended detail on web page will not display


Hello Brave Team,

Brave version 0.57.18 Chromium: 71.0.3578.80 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Windows 10 x64 17763.r5 1809 14-1434

Accessing specific url [https://www.getup.org.au/campaigns/corporate-tax/make-a-submission-to-the-asic-review/make-a-submission-call-for-greater-corporate-transparency?t=43BoyDTGOY&utm_campaign=Wanna_peek_at_Murdoch_s_accounts_&utm_content=26987&utm_medium=email&utm_source=blast#accordion-module-content-48730] no problems, however, extended detail -> [ What should my submission include?] results in… nothing…

****'Cause I’m on my L plates I can only add two links to this post, therefore some of this may need further clarification, if that’s the case please don’t hesitate to ask… :slight_smile:

On 2 other browsers extended detail is displayed

**Steps to Reproduce

  1. Cleared cache, cookies, history
  2. Turned off firewall.
  3. Tried other browsers - issue does not exist
  4. Ran audits on page
    Web console logs the following errors:

Uncaught ReferenceError: add this is not defined
at HTMLDocument. (make-a-submission-call-for-greater-corporate-transparency?t=43BoyDTGOY&utm_campaign=Wanna_peek_at_Murdoch_s_accounts_&utm_content=26987&utm_medium=email&utm_source=blast:327)
at f (jquery.min-1499a805c7278600be2b5438bfe28baf.js:1)
at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.min-1499a805c7278600be2b5438bfe28baf.js:1)
at Function.ready (jquery.min-1499a805c7278600be2b5438bfe28baf.js:1)
at HTMLDocument.pe (jquery.min-1499a805c7278600be2b5438bfe28baf.js:1)
content.bundle.js:1 .accordion-toggle > span www.getup.org.au

  1. All [brave://settings] are either default or allow.

**Actual Result:

Expected result:
Extended detail of [ What should my submission include?]

Any help or ideas gratefully received.



Hmmm, fixed it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Turned of [Brave shield][Ads & Tracks]

Slippery little sucker :slight_smile:


@SNAFU_MIG, great detective work!
I’m not entirely sure why that’s required though…:thinking:
Will dig into it. Thanks for reaching out!


Hello Mattches, Brave Team,

:blush:Thank you, t hat’s very kind if you. I once had a boss who, during an annual PR, stated, “you remind me of a Bulldog…”, after I picked myself up off the floor & recovered my composure I inquired “why?”, he replied “you never ever let go (of problem investigations…)!”, well, I couldn’t be unhappy about that, however, I did say “you could have chosen a more 'attractive” dog​:grinning:

With the solution to last nights issue my fix was not due to any specialized🕵️‍♀️ work, just dogged (no pun intended) determination, I keep on turning things on/off, until it finally worked.

Hopefully the post may help someone in the Brave community and, if there’s a logic reason for the issue existing and you find it I’d be very interested to know.

Thanks again Mattches,



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