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Whenever I download a file from Brave, in the past I had extended attributes, namely the 'Where From" attribute that tells me where the file has been downloaded from. Lately, these attributes are gone. It works on Firefox, so just wondering what happened to these extra info.

Hi, @jayndoodle. Could you post what you get (at least Brave and macOS versions) from creating a new tab in Brave and entering brave://version and hitting return? For example, here’s what I get:
As far as the information you mean, did it look like this?

Or do you mean something you’d see in the Get Info box of the downloaded file? Or something else?

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 7.57.00 PM

I should have clarified the extended attributes. These are found in the file itself, when I get info from the files.

This was downloaded from Firefox, and as you can see, it includes the Where from attribute. If I download from Brave, there’s none of the info.

That is nice. You say you used to get that with Brave, but now you don’t?

It looks like that was removed a while back, maybe because it was viewed as a privacy concern (@Mattches, am I reading that right?):
from Release Notes Reference:


  • Added Terms of Services link prior to Brave Rewards opt-in. (#3124 )
  • Added a new proxy endpoint for CRLSets. (#3920)
  • Added privacy warning on Brave Sync code page. (#4132 )
  • Added more information under brave://rewards-internals to improve rewards debugging. (#3624)
  • Updated design for brave://settings. (#955 )
  • Improved error message for wrong device time when attempting to use Brave Sync. (#3962)
  • Removed source and referrer URLs from download metadata. (#2766)

Thanks! That would explain it. I guess there’s no way to get that option back then.

@jayndoodle @hnktong,
That is correct – it seems to have been a security issue that needed to be addressed, which is why we removed the metadata initially.

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