Extend our time to claim jan reward after 1.48 ver release

@brave I am writing to express my frustration with the current technical issue that is preventing users from linking their Gemini and Uphold wallets to the Brave browser. I, along with many other users, have been unable to claim our BAT rewards as a result. Despite numerous complaints, I have yet to see a solution from the Brave community leaders and developers.

It is unacceptable that this issue has not been resolved, and I am disappointed that it has resulted in the loss of rewards for many users. I urge the Brave team to prioritize fixing this bug and to communicate more effectively with their users about the status of the issue.

Additionally, I would like to suggest that in the next update, version 1.48, the Brave team should consider providing an extension period for users who have been affected by this issue to claim their rewards before they are removed.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Nsr Dn


your country pls bro pls tell

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If they add extensions you might be seen high withdrawal fees …

m from INDIA bro and many users facing same issue

let see , if they provide us extension that help us a lot.
Share the topic which help other user like us to demand our right

me same country bro…

good 2 know…i was really enoinh…thanks
best regards…keep me up2 date thanks

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Martin Charlos

Bro if you earn 2 bat per month from a browser and withdrawl time you noticed that withdrawal fees is 20 bat
How you feel that…

i am from Germany

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Martin Charlos

@Saoiray @Mattches Please take a look at this thread !!! ON BEHALF OF ALL UNSUPPORTED COUNTRY USERS ( especially India)

You get this next payment and that’s it. They could just sunset vBAT right away, but they are delaying it as is being requested by permitting vBAT to remain until April (at the earliest). This may be extended beyond.

They also have said that they are working on restoring countries and even adding a new partner which will allow India to connect.

That’s where things stand. Just be patient and stop giving in to all this FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt). Things are being worked on. You have plenty of time. Just relax.

And if you’re asking to be able to continue earning longer, Brave has delayed it long enough. It’s not going to happen.

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I gave up trying to get any BAT :face_with_spiral_eyes:

My situation is another cases, initially able t o claim, after updating to latest brave version (web) then it’s state country region was banned and unable to claim the bat

I hope they end VBAT soon, April will be a bit brown.

I am in the US and cant get my rewards either.