ExpressVPN popup

Hi All. Love the focus on privacy. If I may make a couple of suggestions. What bothers me most about advertising is when it is forced upon you with no choice in the matter. I am finding the ExpressVPN popup frustrating because it suddenly jumps into what I am doing without any reason and then it stays there. In Linux Mint it simply stays on the screen even if I close Brave. It doesn’t go away.

My first suggestion is to put the ads people can watch in a drop down to the side or top so people can see the ads when they want to and they aren’t just pushed into their face. Also make them go away when the browser is closed. ; ) It’s a trifle concerning when they don’t.

My second suggestion is maybe make it possible to add funds to the wallet which can be distributed through your distribution system based on browsing habits. Maybe something like a card which can be purchased?

Keep up the good work!

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Is it just for the ExpressVPN ad or are you noticing this with other ads as well?

This is happening for other ads as well. I think it is the way Brave calls the clickable notification. Not sure what it is doing but the notification stays open even after Brave is closed.

Ah, I understand what you mean now.

Indeed, the notifications are system local notifications. So however you have notifications organized on your OS is how they will display and persist. Though they should auto-dismiss after a period of time IIRC.

I have a Mint box as well so I will try it out today.

lol, i get more interesting ads everyday but Express VPN always returns. i was at about 250 tab on mobile before my Galaxy S9+ got sluggish, should be interesting!