adblocker and comments on the site

I have shieldsup on this site, and up tuntil the 20th june, the comments would display if you ever loaded up one of their articles. It looks like something has changed either with the site or the adblocker that is no preventing this

I have uploads two images. One showing how the comments should look like, and the second showing how the comments are currently being stuck on a splash/loading screen

Is there anything that can be done as I really do not want to visit this site with shields down considering the serious amount of adverts displayed

Does aggressive mode help minimising the adblock leftovers? @DoctorD

I changed my settings to aggressive mode, and that is even worse Now i do not even get the splash screen loading.

What I’m seeing, (using aggressive mode).
Enabling Easylist Cookie in brave://adblock might help also.


I am sorry, I should have mentioned that the comments are displayed when you select an article.

So if you go to an article e.g.

then the situation described appears.

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