Exporting saved webpages

I have a vast number of webpages saved using an earlier Brave version on Android. Is there a quicker way of exporting them than to individually convert to pdf? I just want to move them to external storage to free up gigabytes of precious internal storage on my Galaxy A6 tablet.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “saved webpages”? Do you mean Boookmarks saved in the browser (that point to pages) or are you referring to actual web pages saved with webpage html, .web, etc formats?

Actual webpages. The Brave version I was using is about 2 years old and, unlike the current version, saved webpage downloads internally. They became part of the storage space used by the Brave app, not seperate files stored outside the app. The only way I know to shift them is to convert each one individually to a pdf. Very time consuming, not all that reliable with the old version of Brave, and very unreliable with the latest version.

Are you using the Download button in the main menu? The one that’s an arrow with a circle around it:

Yes, and the old version of Brave saved the page within the Brave app, not as a separate file. The storage space used by my Brave app is enormous!

So to confirm, you’re looking for a way to get the saved web pages out of ~Downloads/storage/ emulated/0/Download and store them somewhere else on your device?

Or are you trying to make it so that the browser automatically saves these files when downloaded in a different directory?

Neither. I don’t seem to be explaining this very well. The old Brave stored the downloaded pages within itself. They are somehow absorbed into the app. They are not created as individual .mhtml files or any other files in a folder. Instead, they’re hidden inside the app itself, which is now over 4Gb in size.

If you click Menu --> Downloads --> Pages, you should see all your saved pages listed here, is that correct?

Yes. The old Brave version saved .pdf and .jpg files to the Downloads folder, but web pages were not saved as identifiable files in any folder. The current version stores .mhtml files in the Downloads folder. No problem. The old version didn’t do that. It stored them in a way that doesn’t seem to allow access other than displaying or deleting pages one at a time. There’s no folder full of files which can be moved elsewhere. Unlike the current version.

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