Exporting Reading List

Hi. So I’ve noticed this thing in the side bar called “Reading List”. Looks very promising to me since I read a lot. However I couldn’t find any way to export this list or make a backup in any way. Are there any options I’m not aware of?

Because I don’t want to save around 60 links to this Reading List instead of regular bookmarks and just lose them in case something happens (unlike with regular bookmarks which I make an export copy of every several days).

Hello @Shassk

Thank you for reaching out and for the detailed report, about your question if you want to export the reading list from another browser at the moment we do not have the option available but you can open a feature request topic on our Support Forum here: https://community.brave.com/c/brave-feature-requests/57

Additionally, if you want to sync your reading list across your browser profile please use this link.

Let me know if that answer your question and have a nice day.

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