Export My Settings for Re-Install?

Is there a correct way of exporting all my user data before uninstalling Brave so that I can simply re-import back into Brave after re-installing?
I see so many various opinions of how to do it and all appear to have problems
Just to say I do not wish to start syncing and repairing or fiddling around, it is a simple method to export settings and bookmarks and then import back if this is possible
If there is no proven way to do this I will export bookmarks to html and go through all the settings again on the new install but it is hard to remember all the changes I have made to get my browser how I like it!
I have got to re-install because Brave crashed and corrupted some extensions that need re-integrating and whatever went wrong remains and does not allow me to repair
Any information would be most gratefully received

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I was able to replicate settings and everything by syncing to another device.

So only advice I can give to anyone in the same situation is to sync to at least 1 other computer, then it should be able to pull back on reinstall and sync.

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