Export my iPhone X Brave Desktop Bookmarks to the new Desktop?

Hello, I’ve installed a new desktop OS and need bookmarks imported.
The Desktop bookmars are gone from the old Desktop but are still on my phone.

How can I recover my Desktop bookmarks from my iPhone X Brave Desktop bookmarks?

@kmf just sync your browsers.

Official guide = https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021218111-How-do-I-set-up-Sync-

Then my little FAQ sections I made in regards to all things Sync:

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The official guide has a different navigation path than my mobile iPhone X Brave Version 1.48.1 (
My navigation path is iPhone X > Brave Version 1.48.1 ( > Settings > GENERAL > Sync > Add New Device > Computer > sync code > Computer > Brave Version 1.50.114 Chromium: 112.0.5615.49 (Official Build) (64-bit) > Customise and control Brave > Sync > Add New Device > Phone/Tablet > enter sync code from mobile > OK.
Fixed for now.

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