Export/Import from/to file between desktop and mobiles


The main reason why I don’t use Brave as my default browser (specially on Android), is the sync.
I understand that sync demands servers – lots of expansive servers, with decent internet connection, and strict secure configuration.
So… why don’t export my history to a file (in the desktop) and import it in the mobile (Android, iOS) through USB transfer or even Google Drive/iCloud?
That way, Brave wouldn’t need to pay for expansive servers (where would you get the money, anyway?), and we would have complete control over the file with our personal information (history, passwords, favorites, etc.).
This isn’t exactly a sync, but would serve while you don’t setup the servers…


Hi @vrozsas. Thanks for the suggestion. The team is working on a new version of Sync for all platforms and will be available soon. Sync between desktop is available for now. Mobiles will be added soon.

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