Export data without being able to load the application

Description of the issue:
Hi, my windows suddenly stopped loading and after trying everything Im going to reinstall windows, removing everything. I installed a new disk with a windows in my PC and Im able to see the damaged one files.

The thing is:
Is there any way to recover my passwords, markers, config… without opening the application?
Maybe copying some files from a certain root to the new installation of brave or something like this?

Not really. I mean, passwords are encrypted and hidden in a file under \brave-browser on your device. You could technically do a backup of that folder to save it, but then when you put it on a new device, it may be encrypted and you wouldn’t be able to recover it.

The encryption is tied into your OS profile and password. So if that changes, your encryption would too. (if I understand what Mattches and others have explained in the past).

Was your Windows the only device you have that’s using Brave? In other words, do you perhaps have another device that was synced with the PC? If so, then would be easier just to add new installation onto Sync chain with the other device and you’d have all your passwords and all that way