Export brave data to import on my new computer


I am trying to export my brave data to a new computer. I had no problem with the bookmarks but how can I move my saved password data?

How to export ( History , bookmark and all saved password )
Export my saved password from Desktop SW

Hi, What operating system are you on?


I am running windows 10 enterprise.


This is how it works:
Press Windows key + R to open the Run bar and then type in: %appdata%\brave
And then hit enter. This will take you to the area where Brave stores your session data. You should see a file named something like “session-store-1” and that should be the one your looking for if I am correct :wink: You can always try to copy it and see if it works :wink: Not 100% on passwords but other setting should be there I think :wink:


Passwords are probably encoded and might not be in that file cc @sriram for info

Can't restore saved passwords

The credentials are stored in the session-store-1 file itself. The password is stored in an encrypted format. You can search in the session file for "passwords": and that should show you the stored credentials.

You should see something like this in your session-store-1 file.

"passwords":[{"origin":"<Website>","action":"<Login page>","username":"<username>","encryptedPassword":"<saved password>"

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