Export bookmarks now

Fix Export bookmarks otherwise im back to chrome

Can you provide more information about your question/issue. Thanks.

I want to export my bookmarks from brave to a file so I can import them to another brave browser

Goto brave://bookmarks/ and Export bookmarks. It works fine for me

There is no export button. Only import

here is a picture from my desktop Exp

you did not give enough info to solve your issue, if you have something different

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Asi me pasa a mi y no he podido arreglar ese problema !!!

Foud it after a lot of searching

You are looking in the wrong place (don’t feel bad; I did the same thing the first time I did it). Here are some more detailed instructions:

  1. Left click on the hamburger button in the upper right hand corner of the browser window (it looks like three, short, horizontal lines stacked on top of each other; hamburger button is a silly name but that’s what people call it).

  2. In the menu that pops up, go down to almost the bottom and left click on Settings. A new tab will open up in your browser.

  3. Near the center top of the new tab window, left click on Bookmarks (it’s as big as life yet I had trouble seeing it my first time).

  4. On the right side of the new page that popped up, near the top of the window, is a small square that has three vertical dots in it. Left click on those dots (ignore all the dots after the bookmarks).

  5. In the menu that pops up, click on Export Bookmarks.

  6. In the large pop up you get, select where you want to save the .html file that contains your bookmarks, then left click Save at the bottom right corner of the popup window.

  7. To restore your bookmarks or install them in a new instance of Brave (such as on a different computer), just repeat the procedure, only select Import Bookmarks instead. You also need to have that .html file copied to the computer that your new instance of Brave is on (or you could have it on a portable drive such as a USB stick plugged into the computer).

I use this procedure to both backup and restore my bookmarks and to move them to a new instance of Brave on another computer. I keep mine in a folder on my computer. When exporting bookmarks to a new computer, I copy the entire folder to a USB stick, then copy the folder from the USB stick to the new computer. That way, I have all my backed up bookmarks on the new computer.

You could also just copy the latest .html file to a USB stick, then import it directly to the new instance of Brave from the USB stick.

Edit: You posted you had found it before I could finish typing but I’ll leave this for the next person that has trouble with this.


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