Expand some bookmark folders

Iโ€™m using folders to organise my bookmarks. (BTW they are really quite nice already - keep up the good work!)

It would be nice if I could configure some of my bookmark folders so that I can navigate to the pages in them without having to expand the folder first.
Iโ€™m imagining the bookmark bar looking like
:file_folder:[Title 1] :file_folder:[Title 2]:globe_with_meridians:[page A]:globe_with_meridians:[page B] :file_folder:[Title 3]:file_folder:[Title 4]:globe_with_meridians:[page X]:globe_with_meridians:[page Y]:globe_with_meridians:[page Z]

In the menu when you right-click on a bookmark folder you could add an option below [โ€œshow bookmarks barโ€] with the same :heavy_check_mark: toggle interface, perhaps called
[โ€œAlways show contentโ€]
You could also put the option above or below [โ€œRenameโ€ฆโ€]