"Exit" button leaves Android virtually frozen

Description of the issue:
Tap the three dots in the bottom-right corner, then select “Exit”. Then try doing anything on phone. I can bring up the all apps screen, but tapping on any of the icons fails to launch the app. I also can no longer bring up Android’s recently used apps screen.

Expected result:
Android should not be semi-frozen. I should be able to launch apps.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.24.84, Chromium 90.0.4430.93
Android 11; Build/RPM31.Q1-54-13

Mobile Device details
Motorola moto g power (2020)

Additional Information:
If I select the “Closing all tabs closes Brave”, and I close all tabs, everything works as expected. The mechanism that uses must be different than what happens when I select “Exit”.

Also of note, I have another phone (Samsung Galaxy S9) with the same Brave version but running Android 10. It does not exhibit this issue.

That’s very strange – do you notice that you have any one tab or set of tabs in particular left open when you see the browser freeze when hitting Exit? I also have a Samsung S9 and am not able to reproduce this issue.

The set of open tabs doesn’t seem to matter. It reproduces with the default home tab, a single empty private tab, a bunch of normal tabs, etc.

Did a bit more testing. Having Android’s gestures on instead of the 3-button navigation bar makes this even more broken. In both cases, apps fail to launch when tapped. But with the 3-button navigation bar, I can still bring up the recently used apps screen, which oddly enough in and of itself seems to make me able to launch apps again. However, with gestures, Android is unable to recognize the equivalent gesture and you pretty much have to restart the phone.

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