Existing BAT in browser not showing in Uphold wallet

Hello Brave team,
I have previously in the past had traded some ETH for BAT before Uphold was officially up and running for brave rewards. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem the BAT in my browser before i registered and verified my uphold account is transfering over, not allowing me to use or send the BAT i got awhile back from trading my ETH.

Can someone help me out with trying to understand why i am only seeing rewards in my wallet and not rewards + existing BAT? below are some screen shots

My current balance in Brave Browser

what i see and can use when i log into my upload verified account

any help from the team in understanding how i can get access to the historic BAT before rewards were in place would be helpful.

I submitted a ticket with Uphold and they redirected to the Brave team for this issue.

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hi @UintaMining, I had a similar issue when I first verified my wallet maybe its your case

if not, then contact @steeven


TY @JohnDproof i have DMed Steeven the information for assistance. Thanks again!

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