Exchange Rate for Refferal to low

is there any error with the rates??
I just check if 1USD = 4.710773 BAT

so I should got ± 350 BAT for my 10 confirmation.

any admin can explain this?


Have you taken into account the change in the price of BAT during the month of April?

The price in April increased, so the higher the price the less amount of BAT you receive.

You get 7.5 USD for a confirmed referral. Those 7.5 USD they pay you at the value of BAT in the market, if the price of the BAT rises because you receive less BAT because they are worth more.

yes sure, I follow the market from April until confirmation date.

i just calculate that I got rate 1USD = 2.6BAT or 1BAT = 0.38USD

I also check on the market during 30Day until confirmation the Higher price is only 0.25USD

let say if I got rate when BAT on highest price I should got 300BAT

any admin can explain this?

It will update fully after some days

its about 4day after confirmation but still same.

its about 4day after confirmation but still same.
–>wait 1 or 2 weeks

ok let see, I’ll post for the update after 1w

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