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Hello Brave Browser Community,

We are JOYSO, an Ethereum based hybrid decentralized exchange platform (HEX) that offers the speed of a centralized exchange while providing the security and privacy of a decentralized exchange. We also work in the DApp environment and ecosystem in general, and we are very much in line to the ethos of the decentralize blockchain community.

We want to propose to list our exchange as an extension in your browser for your users to be able to directly access exchange service with a click away. We have incorporated MetaMask in our exchange already since it’s one of your extensions as well. We have also listed BAT on our exchange already for users to trade since it’s part of your Brave Payments system, and since we are a hybrid DEX, we think this incorporation and partnership will work well and make sense in a DApp friendly environment.

We look forward to the discussion and hearing back from you.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
John Lee
Business & Partnership Manager
Consensus Innovation (Seychelles) Co., Ltd.
M: +886 965 103 281
Telegram: @djun_wein
WeChat: djun_wein


It would be nice to see the incorporation of these two great projects who emphasize the spirit of decentralization.


fantastic corporation:heart_eyes:


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