Excessive data usage

So basically brave is using more data than I excepted.
I thought it was the windows update or automatic sync but even after that brave used more than chrome .
I wasn’t a fan of chrome but when I load youtube.com in chrome it uses like less than 1 mb or 1mb but when I opened youtube on brave it used like 3 to 4mb .
It’s just on my windows pc and not the Android app.
I don’t know if it’s because of the fact that I changed few settings or the fact that there is an issue but even a simple google search uses more data than Chrome or opera mini.
I don’t want to use chrome but because of the data problem I have to use chrome.

I stil can’t figure out what’s the actual problem but I can’t continue to use brave with such a difference in data usage compared to brave

Hey @panav,

Just want to see if I can cut down the problem for you.

  1. How many instances of Brave are you running?
  2. What settings did you change? Was this a problem before or after you changed them?

If you’re using Brave rewards, that does also increase the data usage slightly. That said, my first assumption was that this might be a hardware acceleration issue, assuming that you still have the setting turned on. Turn that off first and see if the problem persists.

It’s been like a week. The settings I changed were the theme , cookie blocking to aggressive and changing the “open a new tab for start up option” instead of “continue from where you left of” a week ago I faced this problem on my pc and since deleted and reinstalled it just once.
The above mentioned settings are the only thing I changed and I used brave for like 5 months now but this is the second time it happened

The best things you could try at the moment are:

  1. Switching those back to how they previously were, and then switching them again one at a time to see what might give you the same result.
  2. Doing the same thing for your extensions, just in case.
  3. Switching off hardware acceleration, as that does tend to cause some similar issues. You can do that by going down to additional settings, and you’ll see it under System.

Do you remember what happened/how you fixed it the first time?

So I have set everything to defaults and even chose light mode but still no change.
I will delete the app and delete the brave file in the downloads and reinstall it and see if there is any change

Hey dude .so I have deleted the brave and the entire file in downloads I just downloaded the brave and it uses more data when I don’t use it .
I switched on my hotspot and connectef to my pc and opened youtube on brave anf left to make coffee and when I came back it has used my daily limit of 500mb.
I honestly don’t know what’s wrong here and idk how to even contact brave directly to find out if something is wrong with the software I downloaded from or anything.
I am gonna switch over to chrome and use than for the time being

Your issues do seem to be a bit unique, but I’ll still see if I can help identify something for you.

  1. What method are you using to gauge network usage?
  2. Can you do the same thing for Chrome and compare the data usage between the two?

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