Exact payment deadlines ! What if the installation is in December?

I apologize if my question already has an answer. I did not quite understand when payments for browser promotion end. As far as I know - in December. This is true? If so, how will the payments be credited. Suppose a person downloads a browser on December 15 and uses it for a month. Is it true that I will get paid for it on January 15, 2020? Or is December 31 the last accrual day?

Hi @Dushniy - thanks for writing in. The referral payments are not ending in December, the new rates are going into effect.

Thanks Steeven, hopefully you can raise US traffic a bit, like to 10 USD and lower Tier 1 and 2, since it brings close to 0 to ROI from Brave perspective.

Is there more accurate timing information? What month is the referral program valid?

They will be running for the foreseeable future. No current plans for them to go away.

Sounds good, please consider Brave Team, to increase the rates for mobile and smartphone devices, these are the most difficult to obtain for advertisiers, since there are usually pre-set browsers in them.