EVs Extended Validation Certificates not indicating in Green if


As far as I can tell Extended Validation Certificates are not being honored or are not properly being indicated by using Green.

The biggest draws for many users to Brave are security and privacy followed by blocking of ads and speed. I hope Brave stays on top of this and takes the lead in user security and privacy especially preventing keyloggers and the interception of data and encrypting data even if it can be intercepted.

I believe using Fingerprinting against SSL proxies and limiting the reported fonts to those most commonly found on most browsers unless a specific font is specifically requested are good ways of putting Brave a step ahead… see this web page…


Porting Firefox extensions to Brave

I believe it is important to this area that reflects on secure connection established ( more information about Certificates EV / Secure Connection)
Minimalism is welcome but information on the certificate is a way to recognize the security level of the certificate of the site, such as shopping, Bank, etc.

We are also in a time where phishing sites use certificates that can pass unnoticed.

I agree with @rnsjunkmail , Fingerprinting take the brave one level forward in security :slight_smile:


I’d like to second this.
I’ve got a tendency in most occasions to click on the padlock to identify what particular security method a company has deployed especially security orientated companies.

I think you should make it look like FF’s in terms of view (the green layout) so it doesn’t stand out very much but when clicked on you should display something different to Chromes and FF’s but not very dissimilar as Kimmers said in regards to keeping it minimalistic.

VPN / Proxy Extensions better integrated in Brave

I think if Brave could add the Calomel extension found on FF, or their own version of it, would help a lot with security.
Maybe also add something like the add-on calles Certificate Patrol as well?

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