Everything is good except the Logo design . Please update it

Everything is good except the logo design .
Please update it .


Which logo exactly?

All logos are pretty good in my opinion. No need to change them.

the basic icon of the company ، I suggest that the logo be circular and more professional like this logo :



The basic icon, are you referring to the orange lion?

I personally see no problem with it. It is a good logo. Not circular as you say, but it still looks good.

All browsers have circular logo, I think newer browsers like brave and vivaldi have non-circular logos.

Many users will agree with my opinion that the orange lion is a good logo.


The circular logo refers to the globe in one way or another, unless you think the Earth is flat :sweat_smile:

@anasabuyaman FYI, you essentially had duplicate posts saying the same thing. I just flagged the one as “spam” just because it was a duplicate. You may get notice of it. Just did that to remove the extra. No need for multiple posts for the same feedback.

The logo you’re showing is interesting, but not sure it’s one I personally would vote for. Definitely would need some tweaks. Guess when I’m seeing the one you showed, it’s almost like a snake with a lion’s head. Or some might see it similar to a Chinese type of dragon. In any case, the feedback is always appreciated. (^_^)

I like the lion BUT I want a transparent background. The white background is early Jurassic. :face_with_monocle: More and more Android users are theme’ing their phones black because it preserves the phone. The white definitely is low rent.

This looks too close to Firefox in basic design. If I saw that, I’d be concerned I was downloading a counterfeit browser.

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I Think the logo is great because it does not conform to the design “standards” of the other browsers ~ as you pointed out; a circle.

The logo not conforming to this apparent standard sends a very clear visual message; “we are not like them”.

Which Brave is not, its not the same as other browsers, it may come from chromium, but Its integrated cryptocurrency into the home page (via brave rewards and the optional binance widget) and it has a wallet built into the browser, it doesn’t collect user data, and it automatically blocks adds. It lets you the end user decide whether you receive any and if you want to allow it, it lets you decide how many you’ll see. It puts the user first.

Of course its logo should look different, its not just a Brower. And the logo itself makes that clear.

Does it have its problems, of course, but everything does, the logo isn’t one of them.

side note; The Brave logo not being a circle has nothing to do with anyone thinking the earth is flat, when you come onto a forum and make any suggestion without any proper explanation, people are going to ask questions, you mocking them is not helpful to anyone.


Yes. Agreed. I love round logos too.

It only makes the logo look st*pid. Also, I always subconsciously open chrome because I am used to click on something round for years.

Hey, I love this one

Here is mine it pays tribute to Chrome.

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Agree, the logo should be more efficient, most of people use softwares just cause they looks “cool” so logo is a very important part to be considered.

This logo is old, I plenty agree to change it, IMMEDIATELY.

dude, is it for real ? I simply don’t get the “i’m used to clicking on chrome logo, please make it look like chrome icon” I cannot believe that this has been posted seriously :laughing: