Everyday my history is getting deleted

Every time I boot up my PC my whole history is wiped out from Brave. How to fix this? Please keep in mind that “On Exit” has no checks at all so it is impossible that it would be the one causing it.

Hello @jamryharry

do you use private/tor mode?

Yes, I do use Incognito mode if that is what you mean by Private Mode. As for Tor, I don’t use it at all.

yes that what i mean and that is the cause anything happen in private mode deleted after you close the window

Yes I do know that, but I am talking about the regular browser, I have been using it for a long time now. But this past few days every time I reboot my PC, my history is always completely wiped out.

In my case in normal mode History is deleted after approx. 3 months backward (early August as of now). This is so annoying, I needed to get back to July thinking it would be no problem.

did you update on those few days your windows to version 2004

Pretty sure I keep my windows updated since it always automatically updates.

but was one of those update was update 2004 update or not

could you disable all extension and see if it work or not

if not then try to create new profile and see if it keep the history on that new profile or not

It seems that I haven’t got this 2004 update. I double checked my update history, I’ve disabled the sole extension I have which is google translate.

did you tried to create new profile ?

I’ve just created a profile. We’ll check if encountering the same problem.

The error is still occuring.

could you check that @Mattches

and have a nice day both of you

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