Every upgrade I have to re-enter passwords

I’m getting sick and tired having to re-enter passwords every time you choose to do an upgrade. You must fix this or I’ve had it. Half the time trying to enter the password AGAIN it’s not automatic; it doesn’t remember it and I have to start entering it before Brave decides to remember. Every other day there’s an upgrade. Every other day I have to go through the same palarva.
MacMini 2012 OS 10.13.6

@Saoiray @Aman_M @rodrige any insights about the issue ?

@MrsH Does all passwords get deleted? Do you have sync enabled? Is Clear Data On Exit enabled by any chance in any of the linked devices?

@Aman_M No, the passwords are not deleted but disconnected. So after each upgrade the ritual of being asked to sign in every site with a password has to be gone through again. Some logins may be over several pages and involve receiving an email to verify.

Sometimes, when login is requested, I will click in the email address part but there’s no automatic recognition until I finish manually typing in my email address, then the automated password box will pop-up for the second half.

I haven’t got sync enabled - I don’t want to sync with my iPhone and iPad. On the “Exit” tab nothing is checked for clearing data.

@MrsH Do you have cookies blocked or clear cookies enabled or custom sites added on brave://settings/cookies?

Do you face this issue only after each upgrade and not after just closing Brave? And what is your Brave version (first 3 heads on brave://version/)?