Every time I restart my computer Brave forgets my passwords

Hello @ZippierBee

do you use private mode?

do you clear your cache on exit


hope that help and have a nice day

Do you mean private tab? Not for my emails and stuff only when shopping. I cleared my cookies and cache

anything is done while you in private tab or tor it get deleted from history

if you clear your cache and cookies then the website will forget about you as they relay on cookies and cache

hope that help and have a nice day

I dont use my email in my private tab I use it in normal browser I save my passwords everytime it prompts to. But as soon as I turn my computer off and get on the next morning its like I never even typed the email in the browser

you said you clear your cache so that would lead to the same thing

i cleaned it once to see if that changed anything the next time i restart my pc but countless times after that it still happened

could you try to disable all extension and see if it help or not

I dont have any extensions

could you try to go to menu then create new profile and see if that new profile work fine or not

make sure to switch the the new profile after restart as the default old one will be the one that will start

How do I do that? I see an option to change the profile pic of the profile but thats it I might already have one.

this for create new profile

anndd this to switch between profiles

profile 1 is the old 2 will be the new one

Ill try this Ill come back if this doesn’t work I cant test it atm

no problem take your time and have a nice day

It did remember my emails but my passwords were forgotten and its kind of annoying because i use a really long password for some of my logins

did you change the settings of that new profile

do you use any software like ccleaner or anything that clear temp files

I encounter the same problem! It happened after updating Windows 10. Now, every time I turn off the pc, Brave cancels all the cookies and password.

I’m getting ready to dump this browser. I thought it would be ungrade from Firefoxes problem but I have the same problem… When I shut down the computer and come back all my passwords are gone. I got sick and tired of that happening and having to re-enter my passwords so I saved and exported them. When I lost all my passwords I imported the saved passwords. When I tried to sign into a site the user name would autofill but the password wouldn’t so I have to manually put the password in. I only have one profile here and I don’t have any extensions. I don’t have this problem with any other browser… and as I tried to find an answer, I heard the same line of questions and suggestions over and over, but no one ever said “thanks, that fixed it”… I think it is a flaw in the program and no one knows what the fix is… Time to search for another browser!

@NotAHappyCamper @shortfin

there a known issue related to windows update 2004

check this Saved login vanish after reboot in windows 10

Agreed. Its been happening for over 3 months. Have to log into everything if I close browser or shut down. Only thing you can do is not close or minimize and put to sleep. I really use to like this browser but Im looking too. And the BAT rewards? Joke.

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