Every time I open the browser it closes again directly

I have installed the Brave browser on Windows 11. Every time I open the browser it closes again directly. I tried alot of things. Including reinstalling. But nothing works. I wanted to change something in the appdata folder of Brave and I noticed that there is none. Is that maybe the problem?

Thanks for helping me out :slight_smile:

@mattches could you please help ? Thank you so much!

Thank you for reaching out.
That very likely is the case — can I ask where you downloaded the browser and whether or not you’ve changed the install location?

First I downloadet the Browser from the Microsoft Store and later I tried installing it from the official website.

Can you please try un/reinstalling again, but when you uninstall the browser, please elect to clear any browsing data as well so we know that we’re getting rid of anything Brave related on your machine.

Then try downloading again from the official website.

Unfortunately it still didnt work. Any other suggestions?

Can you please try downloading Brave Beta and test to see if it also crashes when it opened?

It still doesnt work.

You’re saying the Beta browser behaves the same way?

Yes it still closes immediately after opening

Reaching out to the team for more information — earlier you mentioned that there was no brave browser folder in your AppData directory — can you please double check and ensure that it is not there and that the Beta also did not create a folder there? You’ll find them in

C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Local\

Now it did create a Brave Folder. What does that say about my problem? Thanks for helping me out.

You now see a folder in your app data directory?


Or is it Brave-Browser-Beta?

It is Brave-Browser-Beta

And Beta is still closing automatically, interesting. Do you have any anti-virus software installed on your system at this time? If so can you check and see if it is blocking anything Brave related?

Yea I have but I tried disabling it and it still didnt work.

Do you have another suggestion?

Yes, uninstall and think to another app. :wink:

what do you mean? like not use Brave?

Hi @alex28m

Sorry that you’ve ran into some problems. I have some ideas on how to help

If you’re a new user (ex: you have never ran Brave sucessfully before), let’s try a few things.

  • Open up add/remove programs (Windows + R, paste in appwiz.cpl and hit enter) and uninstall all versions of Brave (sounds like you had regular one and Beta). If asked in a modal during uninstall, if you’re OK deleting your profile you tick the box to delete the data on uninstall
  • Windows + R, paste in %LOCALAPPDATA%\BraveSoftware and hit enter
  • If you didn’t already delete the profile folders and you WANT to keep them, rename the folders. You should see Brave-Browser and you can rename as Brave-Browser2. Or if you don’t want to keep the data, delete it
  • Visit https://brave.com/download and download latest release channel
  • Install again
  • Launch fresh - let us know! Did this resolve the issue?
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