Every Tab/Window opens with Tor

It´s good to have Tor but i don´t need it everytime and i feel forced to use it with this Browser.
I know you can click on Tor and select it off but then i have to do it every time again if i open a new Window.
Is there a solution for this?

Thank you for reaching out. To be clear, you have these options toggled off, but opening any Brave Window opens as a Tor window?

Further, would it be possible for you to submit a short recording of this behavior as it appears on your end?

Hi Mattches thx for your Reply and no i don´t even have that option that you showed me.
Where i can find this?
And yes it opens Tor on every Window but if i ever find that where this Tor Option is i should be fine.

I use the latest update v1.45.133

for clarification i meant this with “select Tor Browser off”

You can find those settings in Settings --> Privacy and Security --> Tor windows:

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