Every single android update for the brave browser SUCKS

Okay so there have been previous updates that have been bothering me on the mobile android app, like the new tab look has been made so that you only can see the link and its bothering me a lot, why isnt there a option to fucking to be able to revert these options to the one you like, i swear to god whoever is coming up with these new ui’s must be f/_cking fired. Atleast make a option to be able to choose what kind of ui you want because some are good updates and some are just completely shlt by removing features. Come on how dumb are you to remove fucking features.

I’m switching back to chrome since this browser doesn’t do what they fucking promise. Bye

Hey @PlayerIord !

So sorry to hear that this feature has deterred you away from us! If you are referring to Tab Group features, that can be disabled so you get the default way of viewing tabs.

Go to Settings → Appearance → Enable Tab Groups and turn that option off.

Hope this helped!


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