Every month the same problem? Even when?

In the month of May I collected 8.4 BAT of which I was paid only 0.045.

In the month of June I collected 13.3 BAT in total, with what I have accumulated from the previous month. Of those 13.3 BAT, they will only pay me 0.18…

How many more times are they going to do the same thing since every month thousands and thousands of users have the same problem? I think is disrespecfull! Why do they offer a reward system for using the browser and seeing the ads if in the end they are never going to pay? This is pathetic.

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Same here

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Same problem here… it’s been a few months.
In June 9,265 BAT but will be arrive 0,23 in a 7 days… what a fck is that? :smiley:

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And same here on PC

and on Smartphone

This is ridiculous. To anyone who says that Brave is much more than BAT I would like to say that Reward is a key part of their tokenomic if it doesn’t work then BAT makes no sense.


You are right. Brave is fooling us with rewards as a fake tool to keep users using their browser.

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