Every month my claimed BAT disappears when I log into my Gemini wallet

Some harsh things going on, I got the same bro


Looks like they keep acting nothing happened

Seems like it happens to quite a few people yet no explanation or solution.

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I am not expecting them to fix it by minutes, but just closing threads and keeps adding link to useless info is not good behaviour

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honestly shocked at the lack of support provided. I would have expected more out of them. Not a good look.

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Hi @peecok, payouts to Gemini wallets are still processing. I see that you’ve just joined our forum a few minutes ago. You can track payments here Ads Payout Status Update.

@3DMichu I’d like to help resolve your issue. please send your wallet ID when you can.

Certainly not a good look. If this is a reoccurring problem I would at least expect a FAQ or pinned post about it.

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I am confused as I claimed the rewards on Brave browser, it only disappears after I go to log into Gemini. Are you saying it has to process again after I already claimed it?

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Please DM the following information:

  • Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals)
  • Your OS and Brave version (first three lines in brave://version)
  • A screenshot of your Rewards panel in Settings --> Brave Rewards.

and bam, thread is closed, support is ended


Please also send any links to emails or posts you’ve made in the past as mentioned above. I’m a little confused as your account was just created, but want to make sure that I’m not missing anything.

I will not even try to send you, already been ignored long time ago

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sent you all the info

Thanks @peecok, @3DMichu, reviewing.

Already deleted that wallet long time ago, no need to.

@3DMichu, can you send your new wallet ID? I’m trying to assist here. Just replied to your DM.

I had over 6.5 BAT’s to be received today, it says that i have only 0.25 to receive and even tho till now not received.

Can you please check this ?.


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@simostan payments are still processing.

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The OP’s issue is resolved.