Every month most of the bat roll over for next months

It would be nice if they paid me the 35.302 instead 0.338 they are paying me

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to be honest i don’t know what to say about this…boom :boom:

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On all of my 5 devices I get only the half of my earned bat or even less. What is the matter here? I already wrote to @Mattches a month ago, but did not get any answer till now

We have recognized this as an issue and believe we have identified the cause. We are working to resolve it presently.


It’s been more than 3 or 4 months and I’m getting the same response that we are aware about the issue, identified the cause and resolving but nothing happened yet to resolve the issue.
Now, users are having thoughts like Brave team is not resolving the issue intentionally. People earn about 3 to 4 BATs a month and getting 0.25 BAT at the end of the month (This is not fair).


Same issue here. I put in a trouble ticket but posting here to keep this topic going as it seems it affects many.

Thanks for the info, man. Good to know they are working on the issue.

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I thinkinking that they have run out of money and they are keeping all profits for work out their bad management and the drop of Bat value in market! Programers don’t eat BAT, they sell it. SAME CASE AS TERRA-LUNA
This is because this project is inconsistent!!

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