Every month most of the bat roll over for next months

I noticed that this is only happened with verified wallet with uphold
Which is not verified with uphold they send approx all of the bat…

Please check it if you have

No bro. its happening with all . i dont know why they are doing this. @steeven @Mattches @SaltyBanana Plaese look into this issue and solve this. its happening from 2 months. Thank you.

No… even though last month i have not verified my 2 devices… still had the same issue… and i was hoping for this month to get atleast 50% payment… but, not even got 0.01 %…

They won’t bro… they will never fix this issue… they’re scamming us with their unfinished product and rewards methods…

Same issue in several browsers.

The only answer Brave has for us is that it can happen and it’s something to do with their system reconciling ads. That said, they have had issues, like a couple months ago a lot of people ended up getting like 0.02 BAT instead of full payment and Brave announced the issue and sent out an extra payment. They also then asked anyone who didn’t get the full payment to submit Support Tickets.

So it is a variety of things going on. I have reached out to Brave and am hoping they can get back to me on more details or at least see about getting better on resolving problems. For now, it’s just a minor inconvenience. We do get all of our BAT, it just can get delayed compared to when we want it.


ok , so will there be again extra payment this month? earning 10 to 12 bats and receiving 0.01 bat is not fair. it will remove interest of users for using brave. google chrome is always available. i hope brave brave solves this issue soon.

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Deja Vu!
I’ve just been in this place before
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its been happening every time you need to get used to it

Only when it affects many. That said, keep in mind payments aren’t even processing yet. So what you’re seeing on the “arriving in 7 days” or whatever message may not be exactly what you get.

You can always submit a Support Ticket if things ever seem off significantly. Link to create a ticket is https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001302431

You’re right that having that much of a discrepancy would most likely be a problem and they’d be able to look into it and possibly fix payment. Just be advised that they are very limited on what they can do until AFTER all payments for the month process.


Yes, so after payments are processed will they check into it ?. this issue is faced my many people.

Actually just looked at mine. Of the BAT I had, it’s showing:

It is a bit crazy. It used to be only a small percentage, like we’d only be missing 10-25% of our Rewards balance as the system didn’t process/reconcile ads. But it does seem like lately it’s reversed.

And yeah, I’ve reached out to the product manager for Rewards and am hoping he can say more of what’s going on. Either way, it’s a known thing and they are working on it. Sadly, there’s a LOT of things being worked on and not a lot of people doing it. There’s been a lot of other things getting priority.

For now though, we’ll just have to wait and see what actually arrives.

So yeah, you’ll notice I have 8.859 BAT rolling forward and it’s only getting me the 3.851 on this device. But it could be more.

Other thing to watch for is if you’re using multiple devices, they have started combining payments. Such as last month my Android and Windows payments came as just 1 combined payment instead of 2 separate payments as they used to do. It get confusing at times…


Here is my payout for June and they are going to rollover most

My guess it’s ads that will never be reconciled for whatever reason. Maybe the advertiser didn’t pay Brave or something so Brave can’t pay us because they weren’t paid. If that’s the case we may always have ‘unreconciled’ virtual bat that never goes away.

Large rollover from before? Almost 35 BAT is pretty large for a single month and quite unusual.

And yeah, just create a ticket as I mentioned before if having issues so they can look into it.

They just keep rolling my bat over for 3 months now and I’m starting June 1st with 34.965 bat

That is for 3 months

lol, I figured/hoped. But I’ve had some people sharing some crazy things lately. Like this one a little earlier, which obviously is completely unrealistic.

I mean, some people troll by doing things like Photoshop. Then there’s others who blatantly hack or try to modify things and pretend they did nothing wrong. We’ve seen them all here. It’s a lot of these issues which causes delays and other problems in getting stuff resolved. It’s sad how many think they can do stuff like that and con Brave out of money.


It sucks when they are only paying me 0.338 bat out of 35.302 bat


It would be nice if they paid me the 35.302 instead 0.338 they are paying me

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to be honest i don’t know what to say about this…boom :boom:

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