Evernote Web Clipper Extension


Hi, after trying to use the Evernote Web Clipper extension this message popped up:

“Evernote Web Clipper uses cookies to identify your account. Check your browser settings to make sure third-party cookies are accepted from Evernote.”

But apparently there is no way to allow third-party cookies only for this extension. The only setting I found was the global settings for all sites and that one is something I’m not keen to allow :smiley:


Bump! I’m having what seems like the same problem with the Dynalist clipper extension. It seems like adding a specific allow for a website in the settings does not actually allow cookies through - I still get the little notification in the address bar saying that cookies have been blocked even after restarting the browser.


Thanks for reporting @elven_inside @ksbrarc,

cc @Mattches @kamil for additional test and help.


Apologies for the late response!
I’m actually able to reproduce this on both Windows 10 and macOS. I’m not entirely sure what the issue. Shields on/off doesn’t change the behavior nor do the content settings. I’m going to have to ask around about this.

If it turns out that this is a “bug bug” and needs fixed, I’ll log an issue for you and reply back here with it.



I am having the same issue. Is there something we can do on our end to be able to allow the third party cookies?



Open issue for this here:

Menu --> Settings --> Brave's Shields Defaults --> Cookie Control: Allow All Cookies

Hope this helps!