Even though I get ads, the pending rewards balance doesn't change

Business as usual, but starting yesterday I lost a third of the rewards accumulated for this month, and the ad notifications that come thru don’t get added to the pending balance . WIn 10 , 1.10.93 no update available for my region .


@ThinCello yes that’s a big issue on Android and Windows as I have noticed with all versions of 1.10.xx including the latest.
Have no problem with Linux though.

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Probably monthly rewards are compromised , hoping for fix at least for the next month

Sure, hoping all goes well as planned.

me too same issue with me

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For what I see Android works good after the update

Same I’m still hoping for a response to my thread…

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As you can see …I did receive ads…but no rewards for the notifications .

I have restored the wallet with the backup key and it fixed the issue . Ca’t believe it was that simple . Hope it helps

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