Even after shutting down computer, Brave is keeping me logged in to everything?


Brave version 0.13.5

Shields up.
Clear the following data types when I close Brave: everything is checked.
Do not track: checked.
Password Manager: don’t manage my passwords.

So how is it that when I restart my computer and I start Brave back up again, I find that I’m still logged in to many sites that I use in the operation of my business? This is very shocking and alarming!

I do not use any kind of password-management programs.


It is a normal feature in all browsers that they store you login info, you can go in to braves settings an chose that it deletes your browsing history and cookies after you close brave :wink:


Will you try the steps mentioned here and see if the issue is fixed?



“Clear the following data types when I close Brave: everything is checked.” --me in my OP…


Can you tell me why, for the past 2-3 days, Brave suddenly ignored my settings and started to save my login data? Why would Brave do that? How do I know that Brave won’t do it again? This event makes me stop trusting Brave.


I don’t know. CC @brian for a comment.


I opened the issue here for investigation. Please join there for further discussion.


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Please try the steps mentioned above and let us know if it works or not. If not, there must be a bug.

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The problem continues; a few days ago, I noticed that I was still logged into the websites I use to order inventory for my business.


This morning I started up the computer and noticed I was still logged into ebay. Not acceptable. Brave is not a privacy-centered browser; apparently, Brave is allowing sites to install permanent cookies. This also implies that Brave is allowing websites to track my activities and my passwords are being saved.

Brave is insecure. What is being done to fix this?

Please note that at all times, I have the following settings:

Clear the following data types when I close Brave: ALL ARE CHECKED

These settings appear to be completely worthless!

Why is Brave remembering my searches?

You have taken too long to fix this issue; Brave completely ignores ALL privacy settings, saves everything, and now Brave is allowing ads to come through. I cannot tolerate this any longer.


@Anonymous some ads will come through because the method of injecting ads constantly changes. Nobody is perfect. :slight_smile:

We will always require some degree of reporting from the field with respect to ads. Do you have a particular set of domains where you are noticing ads?

With respect to timeline : When will (any subject) happen?


@Anonymous a lot of people have tried this out to no avail. Please make sure you are really quitting Brave all the way. It would be wise to open your Task Manager to check for sure.

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