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Hey, I seem to have trouble logging into my Etsy account through Brave. I enabled all cookies, even turned off the Shield completely, and the website punches in my information but doesn’t actually sign me in, it puts me in a loggin loop, whereas I can log in normally on my other browsers. Thoughts?


@WhiskyBear Just tried in 0.59.35 and 0.60.34. With default shield setting i am able to login without any issues. Can you let us know on which version and platform you are seeing this issue.



I’m currently on Version 0.59.35
I tried again and it still won’t log me in.


So this is still an issue and now’s website is giving me the same problem. I’m about to give up on this browser, too many issues with no explanations or solutions.


I have the same issue with a forum that is still on http://. The address:
I tried to case sensitive username, and I switched Shield off, no difference.
I’m guessing a “not secure” website may be flagged as such, but should it prevent me from using my username and password on that website?
If there are any replies, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Update: I have also used a website with similar features (http instead of https) and logging into my account without any issues, which is a head scratcher…

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