Etsy is showing 4 columns search results, while all other browers 5

Just started using Brave today. Noticed how it renders the website differently than other browsers.
For example go to this website

You will notice it only shows 4 columns of products while every other browsers shows 5. So its kind of bulky and thus shows only 4. What is that bulkiness contributed to? Can i fix it?

I get the 5 columns from your link provided, as a window or maximesed… Maybe you have an extension influencing what you’re seeing? Or you could make the browser window a little bigger? Hard to say really…

I also get five columns using the link provided. @httpmax can you tell us more about the issue? Do you have the browser in windowed mode/set to a custom size? Any extensions installed? What OS?

Hi. Thanks for taking the time. Its maximized full screen. I am on Windows 10 64bit Home. The zoom feature is set to 100%. I have just tried disabling all extensions but got the same results.

Oh yeah and a 24" Monitor

Anyone? Really need to resolve this.

Could it possibly be a site setting? I’m getting the same results across browsers and OS. Can you also test this out using a new browser profile and see if you get the same results?

i doubt it because in chrome or firefox it shows 5 columns as it should. Its very strange. Not even sure where to look.

You can start by following all of the suggestions :slight_smile:

you are the webmaster?

Have you checked your screen resolution? I see the website shows 4 columns when the width is less than 1200px.

Also i see you have a type of bar on the right (maybe the taskbar), try moving it to another place just to check.

Also try what mattches suggest, create a new profile or use a private window to check if some cookie is messing up with something.

PD: i have the same result as everyone:

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Nothing is working. Its not the resolution because my other browsers are showing it just fine. Also at home I am using brave on a different computer and I dont have this issue. Only on this computer at work. 24" monitor is large enough. I donno what ot do. I want to keep using brave but this is a problem for me since I use etsy all the time. And its not the extentions, I have removed them all.

Well @fanboynz you have any suggestion to this?

Not sure what would be causing it, Looking at Beta, it should be resolved (which won’t be far away to be the next release)

Seemed to affect my 1080p laptop, but not the 1440p deskop.

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