ETH did not reach my brave wallet and i can't find the transaction in etherscan

ETH did not reach my brave wallet and i can’t find the transaction in etherscan. I was transfering funds from bybit and the withdrawl was completed on their end however i don’t see the funds in my brave wallet and it has been a day already and i also cant find the transaction on etherscan with the txid


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Bybit should have your withdrawal history available within their site. To obtain your TXID, visit the Withdrawal History page. There are more details in this FAQ from them:

here is the the txid: 0x6518d9b5998b718f6dcbb59f8104a579ff4485f83f6a98bee55bc35594f48c33

the transaction is visible here:

but it doesn’t show here

the ETH is still not in my wallet

čet, 19. svi 2022. u 16:38 Evan via Brave Community <> napisao je:

Are you looking for it on the BSC or ETH network? It was sent over the BSC network as a Binance-pegged ETH token, so likely won’t see it in your Ethereum Mainnet wallet.

Visit and you can add the BSC network to your Brave Wallet.

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