ETA on Brave rewards -uphold link to IOS

Hi Devs,

Would you be able to give an ETA on when we will be seeing Brave rewards of IOS linked to Uphold? I have Brave installed on every device of mine and I do a lot of browsing on my tablet than my laptop. some updates on that would be helpful.


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Sadly there’s no public ETA yet.

Why does it take so long to make it happen?

Because iOS is a bit different from desktop and Android. Different code mean different implementation. And the results is development can take times.

Thanks for your patience.

Due to all of the different things I have read in the community about this are we allowed to self tip ourselves because of this issue? It only seems fair that we should be able to sent the BAT to ourselves someway and since there is not a direct link this is the only way to do so.